Speaker spotlight: Mike Seyfang

In this series of posts we hope to give you a bit of an insight into the speakers at !dea and the sessions they will be participating in.  Kicking the series off we are going to look at Mike Seyfang and the work that he is doing with iPads at the University of Adelaide.  Mike is one of the presenters on Day One in the session “Learning Practitioners Learning Futures, how we are and can seize the moment”.

One Day One we really want to set the scene for the rest of the conference – lay out the challenges and opportunities and start to explore some possibilities.  Mike is doing just that with his work at the University of Adelaide and we will see that as he discusses the rollout of iPads to first year science students as part of the “Enhanced Learning First-year Sciences” (E.L.F.S.) project.

Mike is well-known for his ability to adopt and exploit new technologies and in particular has gained a reputation in helping organisations leverage the transformational nature of Web 2.0.  To find out more about Mike visit his WordPress blog or Learning with the Fang.  You can also follow Mike on Twitter.


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